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Distances of more than 1000 yds on the road

If a fork lift truck is to be driven on a public road for distances of 1000 yards or more or if due to frequency of use or some other reason standard licensing is considered to be appropriate, then registration and licensing reverts to standard practice. The special dispensations for "Works Trucks" no longer apply. The two following descriptions may be of assistance:

Gross vehicle weight in excess of 3500 Kgs.

(Including the load being carried). This would need to be licensed in the HGV class. To be licensed in this class the vehicle would normally have to comply with the road vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. Fork lifts in general would not comply as they are constructed and therefore they cannot be used on public roads. This is a specialised area and in all cases it would be a good idea to seek advice. Such advice should be available from:

The Vehicle Standards and Engineering Division
Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street

Gross vehicle weight under 3500 Kgs.

(Including the load being carried). This would need to be licensed in the Private/Light Goods taxation class. To be licensed in this class its type approval position must be established. Again it is best to seek specialist advice. In this case contact:

The Vehicle Inspectorate
Welcombe House
91-92 The Strand

Tel: 0870 6060440
Fax: 01792 454313

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