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The legislative information contained on this web site is my interpretation of the law based on many years in the health and safety business. A definitive interpretation can only be given by the courts. I will therefore not be held responsible for any accident/incident/prosecution arising as a consequence of anyone using any information obtained from this web site.

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facebook facebook This website is updated on a regular basis, usually once a week but sometimes more often.

The updates usually concern forklift accidents and prosecutions that have happened recently and although the court cases are up to date it is possible that twitter twitter the incident occurred a while ago due to the time it takes to bring a successful prosecution.

Other regular updates are news items relating to forklift trucks and news items relating to health and safety when these are related to forklift trucks and training in some way. Various other updates concern new products and changes to legislation.

google google plus Every time this website is updated I announce it on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. I no longer send out emails as it's too time consuming - sorry!

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