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forklift forward stability

Give four examples which could cause a lift truck to tip forwards (longitudinal instability), is question number nine on the instructor's main set of questions. Please note you may or may not get this question on a forklift operator's training course. There are lots of answers to this:

A.   Exceeding the rated capacity of the lift truck
B.   Extended load centre
C.   Load not fully heeled up
D.   Heavy braking
E.   Rough/jerky hydraulic usage
F.    Too much forward tilt at height
G.   Live load
H.   Hard acceleration in reverse with a load, (see picture)
I.     Forks under an adjacent load/structure
J.    Incorrect direction on a slope when laden
K.   Traveling with the reach carriage extended

Your wording does not have to be exactly as the answers shown above but should be capable of interpretation so as to mean the same as the answers above.

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