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Forklift training websiteWelcome to this website which is devoted to forklift training and runs to over one thousand, five hundred pages making it the largest website in the world on the subject. The easiest way to navigate or find something on this website is to use the interactive sitemap.

This website is completely free to use and you will not be asked to register or join anything. There are no cookies to worry about and the only thing I charge for is my complete set of forklift training slides. If you find this website helpful I would appreciate it if you would spread the word by using the social media buttons on the left.

I was involved in the training of forklift operators for more than thirty years and spent forty four years in the forklift industry starting behind the drawing board in 1970. I founded AES Training (UK) Limited back in 1980 although I am now retired. I still keep in touch with the industry and update this site, usually weekly. I originally started this website in 1998 to correct some of the urban myths about forklift training. Since then it has grown rapidly and become a retirement project.

If you want to know when this website is updated simply enter your details in the popup box when it appears. You will receive a free Powerpoint slide presentation as a thank you.

On this website you will find a host of information about forklift trucks and forklift training. Each section is colour coded so you can tell where you are. The links at the top of the pages take you to the main sections of the website. Listed below are the major links.

Forklift Training. This section contains a lot of information on the subject and will be of interest to instructors and operators alike. There is also a lot of information for owners of forklifts who wish to keep up with the training side of things. Whether you want to know about the practical test, written test, training accreditation, refresher training etc. this is the section for you. You can take a sample written test here with real questions. (This is available in all common languages). The latest written test questions are here, again in all languages complete with all the answers. I have also included a dedicated section of questions and answers in Polish language because of the large number of Polish forklift operators working in the U.K.

Complete, Free, Forklift Training Courses. These cover all theory and practical lessons for counterbalanced and reach trucks along with courses for telehandlers, pallet trucks and sideloaders. There is also a complete instructor training course covering theory and practical.

History of Forklift Training in the UK. A lot of this fascinating insight was written by John, (Dai), Carter who actually invented the original forklift test in 1969 and was the first registered RTITB instructor in the UK. If you ever wanted to know how it all came about check out this section. Although I can't go back as far as Dai, I was not far behind and wrote the follow up section on training from 1970 onwards.

Latest Forklift Written and Practical Test. You can learn all about the latest forklift test, practical, written and pre use inspection, that came into force on September 1st 2017 by clicking the link above. You can get all the answers to the written test here and you can also try an interactive written test.

Latest Pallet truck and pallet stacker truck test details as announced by the Accrediting Bodies Association. Mandatory from December 1st 2019. All questions and answers in all languages.

Technical Information. I have also taken the opportunity of including a lot of technical information relating to forklift trucks on the site. I used to teach basic technical information to forklift salesmen at Yale forklifts in the 70s. Forklift instructors can benefit from this sort of knowledge when a trainee asks "how does that work?"

Forklift Accidents/Prosecutions. There used to be over a hundred accidents detailed on this website but I have recently, (2020), deleted the old ones. The accidents are real and from the U.K. and describe roughly what happened, what  the result was and what the penalties were when the accident got to court. I update these regularly. Follow me on social media to be kept informed of updates or enter your email in the popup when it appears.

Forklift Legislation. There is an enormous amount of legislation that is applicable to forklift trucks and all of it is detailed here. From health and safety law to using trucks on the public highway, medical considerations for forklift operators or the use of seat belts on forklifts it’s all covered.

Forklift News Section. As I learn about various things going on in the forklift industry I put them in this section. It could be new legislation relating to fork lift training or some amusing anecdote.

Health and Safety News. This section of the website gives information about Health and Safety news even though it is not directly about forklift trucks and forklift training. I limit this part of the website to closely related health and safety topics.

Forklift Buyer's Guide. If you are thinking of acquiring a forklift truck, check this section which contains lots of information for potential forklift truck owners and users.

Forklift Feature Articles

This section is for articles on forklift trucks and training that are longer than usual and they will normally take ten to twenty minutes to read. Most are not written by me and I give credit to the writer on each one.

Forklift driving jobs. If you are looking for forklift driving jobs check out these pages where you will find thousands of job opportunities. Please note I don't have any connection with these websites.

Forklift Safety Products. As I hear of new products that are designed to improve the safety of forklift operation I detail them on this page. In all cases, I have no relationship with these and list them simply because they look useful.

Logistics Products. Again as I see something that is related to the logistics industry and closely related to forklift trucks I detail the information here. As above, I have no connection with these products/companies.

interactive Site Map. Because this website is so large I have designed a quick way of finding major sections. This sitemap will get you to the section you want very quickly. Give it a try and let me know if you think it could be improved. There is a link to this sitemap on the bottom left of every page. You can, of course, use the search box at the top right of every page.

If the advertisements annoy you I can only apologise. A website this size takes some looking after and there are costs associated with it. Income from the ads and sales of my slide set help me to pay for it all. Please note I have no connection with any of the advertisers.

When arranging a training course for forklift operators remember, "There is nothing that cannot be done worse for less money". With apologies to John Ruskin for the miss quote. Happy training :-) Tony Sellick Back to top

This website has an associated website devoted to Computer Problems and Solutions. I know it's not forklift related but it's there if you need it. Click here

This site does not use cookies; but Google may use non-personal information to provide relevant ads.

Disclaimer: The legislative information contained on this web site is my interpretation of the law based on many years in the health and safety business. A definitive interpretation can only be given by the courts. I will therefore not be held responsible for any accident/incident/prosecution arising as a consequence of anyone using any information obtained from this web site.

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