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Fork lift Training. All you need to know about fork lift training FREE
FAQ. Frequently asked questions about forklift training
A potted history of the forklift truck
Forklift training videos. Links to on line videos
Forum for forklift truck users and owners
Forklift training poll. The forklift practical test
Forklift driving jobs websites.Links to job advertisements
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Fork lift Training. All you need to know about fork lift training FREE
Answers to frequently asked questions about forklift training
A potted history of the forklift truck - Reach trucks
Forklift training poll. Results of seat belt poll 
Forklift driving jobs. Advertise your forklift jobs here free
safetyproducts8 pages
Latest safety products for forklift trucks
New safety device from Combilift at IMHX
new wheel blocking system for loading bays
The Ros revolutionary racking repair process
Comatra tyre pressure monitoring system
Comatra blue light pedestrian safety system
ForkAngles for forklift trucks. A brilliant new innovation.
Comatra blue light pedestrian safety system. Comparison
pics2 pages
training25 pages
FORKLIFT TRAINING. Practical and Written tests. Accreditation
The history of current forklift training standards. The start
Working Platforms for forklift trucks
Forklift test. Practical test for forklift operators. (2017). step one
Forklift operator written test. Take a sample operator test here
Forklift training accreditation. Bodies in the UK
Forklift Refresher Training. The legal position
Forklift written test. Take an operator's test here
Forklift training history. The start of training in the UK in 1972
Forklift licence or certificate of training and testing
Accrediting Bodies Association (Workplace Transport)
Forklift PreShift Checks are critical for safety
Forklift course durations for operator training as recommended
Forklift operator medicals. HSE Recommendations
National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS)
Training and testing in the early days
Practical test for fork lift truck operators-step two
The Instructor's test and the start of ITSSAR
Errors in current training standards
Practical test for fork lift truck operators-step three
Penalty point system for marking the forklift operator's test
Forklift training history. The Approved Code Of Practice, ACOP
Can existing training standards be improved?
Practical test for fork lift truck operators-step four
The revised practical test and the introduction of the NORS scheme
new-practical-test6 pages
latest forklift test from september 2017
Details of the new marking sheet, (2017) Forklift test
pre shift checks required by the 2017 forklift operator test
Dimensions of the practical forklift operator test course
dimensions of the alternative practical forklift test course
questions12 pages
FORKLIFT WRITTEN TEST - 2017. Every question and answer. Multilingual
Forklift theory test. safety questions 1 to 6. All languages
Forklift theory test. Operational questions 1 to 6. All languages
Forklift theory test. Open questions 1 to 6. All languages
Forklift theory test. safety questions 7 to 12. All languages
Forklift theory test. Operational questions 1 to 6. All languages
Forklift theory test. Open questions 7 to 12. All languages
Forklift theory test. safety questions 13 to 17. All languages
Forklift theory test. Operational questions 13 to 17. All languages
Forklift theory test. Open questions 13 to 19. All languages
Forklift theory test. Operational questions 18 to 21. All languages
Forklift theory test. Open questions 20 to 26. All languages
legislation24 pages
Forklift Legislation that applies in United Kingdom
Forklifts on the road. Rules and regulations
Forklift driver medical requirements recomended by HSE
Forklift seatbelts Fitting and use on forklift trucks
Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). Description of legislation
PUWER. Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
Approved Code of Practice for forklift trucks 2013
The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act - the myths!
Approved Code of Practice - Supervisor training
Approved Code of Practice, (L117), one year on
Penalties for Health and Safety Offences
You can get many HSE books free of charge
Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 now includes imprisonment
Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
Forklift Lighting requirements for road use in the UK
Use of controlled oil - Red diesel and forklift hire
LOLER. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
Thorough Inspections/examinations for fork lift trucks
Road registration for forklift trucks. The legal position
Distances of more than 1000 yds on the road
Distances of less that 1000 yds on the road
Driver licencing information. Forklift trucks on the road
Risk assessments for forklifts fitted with seatbelts
Road Registration forklifts. The leagle position
accidents178 pages
Forklift Accidents |How they happened|Injuries|Updated weekly
Worker injured by forklift truck. £80,000 fine
Aldi Fined £1m Following Life-Changing Injuries to Driver
half a million fine after forklift accident
Forklift Accidents |How they happened|Injuries|Updated weekly
The causes, injuries and court cases. Up to December 2014
Forklift accidents. The causes, results and prosecutions 2012-2013
Accidents involving forklift trucks from 2011
Older accidents ccidents involving forklift trucks.
New zealand mum killed in forklift accident
worker killed by reversing telehandler
lisa's story. Lisa's life changing forklift accident
Engineering Company in court over fork lift accident
Worker killed by overturning forklift truck
load falls from forklift. worker's leg amputated. £300k fine
woman killed by badly loaded lorry load falling on her car
company owners receive suspended sentences
Firms fined after worker killed falling from telehandler
Mechanic crushed and killed by forklift truck
Worker injured after safety cage falls to ground
Employee Seriously Injured after ForkLift Overturns
Logistics Company fined over safety failings
Directors sentenced after telehandler fatality
Pet food manufacturer fined after injury to worker when forklift overturns
Building firm fined after worker hit by mobile platform falling from telehandler
Concrete panel falls from telehandler. Man injured. Company fined
Man injured by untrained forklift driver. Company fined over £20,000
Worker left with life threatening injuries afer load falls of forklift truck
Falling panels injure worker. Company fined
Firm fined £200,000 after employee struck by telehandler
Logistics company fined after man injured at work
Woodham Ferrers firm fined for ignoring safety law
Firm fined after employees fall from telehandler
Transport company fined after crate falls on worker
Company fined for lack of forklift thorough examination
Worker crushed by forklift. Company and director fined.
Load falling off forklift truck breaks worker's leg
Worker injured when safety cage knocked over
Load falling from forklift truck kills worker
Firm fined after worker crushed by forklift load
Incorrect use of forklift leads to injury and fine
Worker crushed by Hi-Bay order picker overturning
Load falls off telehandler and injures two workers
Company and director fined after forklift accident
Steel firm sentenced over North Yorkshire worker’s death
Firm fined for multiple health and safety offences
Produce company in court after reversing forklifts injure workers
Unsafe forklifts and other plant costs firm £72,000 in fines
Firm fined as load falls off forlift injuring worker
Firms prosecuted after worker loses left leg in forklift accident
Woman injured by pedestrian forklift truck
Engineering firm in court after worker crushed by two-tonne frame
Company fined after worker hit by concrete beam falling from telehandler
Paper company in court after worker crushed by reel of paper
Dangerous use of a forklift truck. Two prosecuted
Man killed as load falls from forklift truck
Delivery driver seriously injured by reversing forklift truck
Company prosecuted after delivery driver seriously injured
Recycling firm sentenced over forklift death
Man crushed and killed by telehandler as it tips forward
Employer and attachment manufacturer fined after serious accident
Telehandler operator fined after fatality
Construction firm in court over worker’s multiple injuries
Employer sentenced after worker crushed to death
Basingstoke company in court after worker crushed
Forklift company fined after employee injured by forklift
Company fined for faking forklift safety record
Buxton food packaging firm in court over forklift injuries
Firm fined £240,000 after driver crushed to death
Nottingham timber firm in court over worker’s injuries
Firm sentenced after forklift ran over man's leg and foot
Global engineering specialist gets huge fine
Firm in court after contractors hurt in fall from forklifts
Company fined after worker seriously injured falling from unsecured forklift platform
Company back in court for safety failings
Major UK Food distributor fined £175,000 after worker's death
Two engineering firms sentenced after worker’s hand crushed
Lincolnshire firm in court over worker’s life-changing injuries
Firm fined after video footage films worker lifted in telehandler bucket
Forklift truck hit by lorry overturns killing driver
Firm sentenced over worker's telehandler death
Forklift operator prosecuted after worker seriously injured
Blackpool sweet firm fined £120,000 after forklift spears worker’s foot
Suffolk company prosecuted after forklift overturns crushing worker
Removals company fined after worker’s foot injury
Packaging company fined after worker’s leg injury
Forklift slipping on wet grass causes fall and serious injury
Telehandler accident. Powys County Council fined for safety failings
£150,000 fine for heating firm after worker crushed to death
Car falls off forklift truck and injures young worker
Cheshire cheese firm fined after worker falls from forklift
Devon firm fined after man seriously injured at recycling plant
Firm fined after worker is injured in fall from forklift
Lincolnshire farming company fined for forklift death
Fish tank topples from forklift. Worker loses leg
Manufacturer fined after worker is impaled and killed
Company fined after worker hit by falling load
Employee injured when steel beam falls from forklift truck
Worker's legs crushed by pack of sheet steel
Bilston firm fined for worker leg crush injury
Two workers fall four metres from an insecure platform
Runcorn boat manufacturer in court after employee crushed
Worker killed by telehandler. Firm sentenced
Plastics firm fined after heavy bale topples onto worker
Freight company fined £50,000 after worker hit by falling pallets
North Wales company in court after worker's fall
Forklift truck involved in serious foot injury
Worker falls from height after using safety cage
Teenagers leg broken by pallet collapsing
Lack of forklift maintenance costs company over £6000
Employee loses leg in forklift accident
Collapsed racking kills worker
Worker killed by falling stack of rag bales
Man killed by load falling from forklift truck
Director killed by "prehistoric" forklift
Firm fined for failing to maintain forklift truck
Jammed fork causes man serious head injuries
Worker injured in fall from forklift
Reversing forklift injures employee's leg
Concrete firm in court after worker hit by forklift
Lack of thorough examination and employee training leads to fine
Recycling firm sentenced after forklift accident
Engineering firm sentenced over severed fingers
Teenage workers seriously injured falling from height
Company fined after forklift truck overturns
Essex businessman crushed to death
Company prosecuted after worker hit by forklift truck
Worker fractures skull falling from forklift
Man seriously injured as load falls off forklift
Man crushed to death by forklift
Teenager injured after fall from forks
Worker death calls for review of forklift training
Man killed by forklift truck in accident
Delivery driver crushed to death by forklift
Man dies after fall from forklift truck
Woman crushed to death by forklift truck in accident
Waste firm fined £20,000 after worker injured
Manufacturing firm fined after forklift hits worker
Man crushed to death in horrific forklift accident
Teenager injured by forklift - Nuneaton firm fined
Chard company fined after forklift injury
Harwich company fined after worker hit by forklift
Worker fell from cage balanced on fork lift truck
Company fined after worker injured by forklift truck
Man dies after being struck by telehandler
Road safety alert after fork lift fatality
Company and mechanic fined after driver killed
Farming company fined £6,500
Company fined £400,000 for death of worker
Forklift falls over in hands of unqualified driver
Man injured in fall from makeshift platform
Quarry worker breaks leg in two places
Fined £20,000 for fall from height
Worker crushed by load falling from lift truck
Six tonne load kills worker
Fork lift truck runs over man's foot
Female student killed as truck overturns
Overturning truck injures untrained operator
£25,000 fine for unsafe forklift trucks
Fork lift driver fined £2500 following fatality
25 year old worker killed in fork lift accident
Company fined after telehandler overturns
Woman has leg skinned by fork lift truck
Fork lift runs over banksman's foot
Young worker killed in forklift accident
Worker looses sight in fork lift accident
Six year old boy dies while riding on a forklift truck
Worker seriously injured as stack falls on him
Young man is killed standing on lifttruck forks
Man crushed as fork lift overturns
HSE warns against horseplay on forklift trucks
Worker crushed under steel coil falling from forklift
Forktruck operator fined after driving into colleague
Lack of risk assessment causes lost fingertips
Man forges forklift licence and breaks worker's back
Man Crushed to death as forklift Overturns
accidents201621 pages
Forklift Accidents |How they happened|Injuries|Updated weekly
Operator’s Hand Crushed Due to Inadequate Training
load falls off sideloader killing worker
Worker loses leg in collision with forklift truck
firm fined £70,000 plus costs after worker crushed to death
Farm fined £66,000 plus costs after fatal accident
company fined after forklift lifting accident
Firm fined for unsafe work at height with telehandler
Worker seriously injured whilst using a telehandler
Man injured after being struck by container carried by forklift struck
Firm fined after man killed by falling boxes
Company fined £250,000 for LOLER offences
Worker's foot injured by reach truck. Company fined
Falling load injures worker. Company fined
Firm fined after forklift truck operator killed
Worker's arm trapped in forklift mast causing serious injuries
Farm fined for using apple box on forklift to reach repair
Worker suffers head injury. Two companies fined
Worker injured during loading operations with a sideloader
Firm fined £14,000 over fork lift truck injuries
technical18 pages
Forklifts engines|forklift Batteries|forklift stability|hydraulics, electrics
Fork lift Internal Combustion engines
Fork lift truck hydraulic systems. Hydraulic hoses
AC Electronic control systems for forklift trucks
Fork lift truck batteries. Safety precautions
Forklift stability explained|Longitudinal stability
Forklift Lifting Capacity. Load centre and capacity calculations
Forklift truck traction control systems - thyristor control
Liquified Petroleum Gas Properties and hazards
Fork lift truck hydraulic systems - tanks and pumps
AC drive motor for forklift trucks
Fork lift truck Lateral stability - Sideways tipover
Fork lift stability testing - Longitudinal
Forklift truck traction control - older systems
Precautions to be observed when handling L.P. Gas
Fork lift truck hydraulic systems - circuit and valves
Lowered traction battery on AC systems
Forklift Stability Triangle|Lateral stability triangle. Testing
toyota8 pages
Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)
Toyota (SAS) System overview.
Toyota (SAS) System. The controller
Toyota (SAS) System. Swing lock cylinder
Toyota (SAS) System. Swing lock axle
Toyota (SAS) System. Rectangle of stability
Toyota (SAS) System. Integral control valve
Toyota (SAS) System. neutral position solenoid
forklift-masts7 pages
Forklift masts, carriage, forks and cylinders
standards applying to forklift forks and carriage
Forklift masts critical dimensions/clearances
Operation of the forklift mast lift cylinder
hsenews43 pages
Updates to Health and Safety Legislation (UK)
Health and safety law. forklift training
HSE releases annual workplace fatality figures
HSE tests forklift truck reverse sensor systems
Health and safety sentencing guidelines one year on
Health and safety statistics for 2015/2016
HSE risk assessment changes. Your input is needed
Work equipment inspection and thorough examination survey
New chair of health and safety Executive appointed
Health and safety Executive.Helping Britain work well
Health and safety accident statistics 2014/15
Some self employed persons are now exempt from Health and Safety law
Latest figures for fatal at work accidents 2014-2015
The new version of LOLER is now available
HSE calls for New Year resolution on health and safety blame game
Working at height regulations overhauled
Accident statistics for 2013 - 2014
Workplace transport safety - An employers guide
Health and safety Executive revise guidance on risk assessment
Health and Safety made simple
A guide to risk assessment published by HSE
A wish on a 40th birthday
Latest figures for fatal accidents across the UK
HSE Chair on 40th Anniversary of the HSE Act
HSE launches ABC to help small firms cope with Health and safety
Health and safety myths. Unnecessary measures that waste time
Safe driving: loading & unloading of lorries
Repairs to fork arms of forklift trucks
Latest HSE accident figures show an 11 per cent drop in major injuries
New safety poster in use from April 2014
Fatal accidents in industry in 2012 - 2013
Health and Safety Executive issues updated ACOP for COSHH
HSE issues a consultative document on scrapping outdated legislation
New UK map of bogus ‘elf and safety excuses
The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations updated
Workplace major injuries hit an all time low. Record figures for 2011-2012
Maintaining portable electrical equipment
Amendment to the First Aid at Work Regulations 2013
The CEO of the Health and safety Executive speaks about Hi-Viz
Managing health and safety. Guide for employers.
Half baked or overcooked? HSE boss speaks about health and safety myths.
New guidance to help with health and safety
Changes to HSE contact arrangements
archivedhsenews1 page
HSE legislation updates up to end 2014
publications14 pages
news_items84 pages
Latest news items relating to forklift trucks and forklift training
Forklift safety signals. Here is a useful free chart
Hydrogen fuel cells for forklift trucks
Training required when changing forklift motive power
You don't walk away from a fork lift accident
RTITB promotes pre-use forklift truck inspections
national forklift truck safety conference 2017
There is no such thing as a licence to drive a forklift truck!
boss of rtitb to speak at flta safety conference
forklift operator of the year competition results
It's a hard disk drive in 1956 With 5mb capacity!
RTITB to Promote Forklift Truck Inspections
Correct training for pallet truck operators. Legal Implications
Thorough Examination standards by CFTS
Further training may be necessary when forklifts change
Forklift operator of the year competition 2017
Fork lift truck association safety4most
New forklift operator test for counterbalanced and reach trucks
look back at International Operator of the Year
Top Tips For Forklift Safety
HSE head to address FLTA safety conference
flta national forklift safety conference 2017
Kalmar develops hydrogen-powered forklift truck
New forklift operator test announced for 2017
Workplace Transport Groups new arrangements Announced by ABA
Women and young drivers excel in RTITB competition
Forklift driver competition 2016. Finalists announced
FLTA Champions of safety 2016. IMHX
Results of polls taken on this site
Principles of workings of hydrogen fuel cells
Fork lift truck accidents and incidents (Videos)
Archived forklift news items
HSE publishes details of proposed RIDDOR changes
RTITB forklift operator competition 2016
Enter the FLTA awards for excellence 2017
Forklift instructor of the year competition results
Accident victim to address FLTA forklift safety conference
RTITB forklift instructor of the year 2016
Forklift operator of the year 2016. details announced
Miss sold a forklift truck? Contact the forklift watchdog
IMHX dates for 2016 announced. NEC Birmingham
FLTA announces result of Safety Champion award
Forklift Operator of the Year India is now Open
How to tell if a forklift training certificate is valid
Yale forklift runs on hydrogen and solar power
Telehandler used in cash machine robbery
National Fork Lift Truck Safety Month
FLTA seeks safety champion award entries
FLTA announces venue for 2015 National Fork Truck Safety Conference
Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations updated
FLTA Awards for Excellence 2015
ForkAngles for forklift trucks. A brilliant new innovation
Fork Lift Truck Association's Safety Week is 22-28th September
Forklift Maintenance: Fix the Little Problems, Avoid the Big Problems
Fork Lift Truck Association - annual safety conference Wednesday 24th Sept 2014
Saving lives and money by Stuart Taylor - Mentor Training
Linde Safety Pilot guides and warns forklift operators
Businessman fined for forging thorough examination document
Peter Harvey from the FLTA talks about forklift speed
New figures show fall in fatal injuries to workers
New Approved Code Of Practice 2013
HSE Guidance for organising workplace transport.
Hign invisibility by Judith Hackitt (HSE Chair)
Non Accredited Organisations Page RTITB
How often should forklift drivers be re-trained?
HSE launches free, new, on line system for small businesses
Forklift accidents reveal 4% increase
HSE Introduce Fee For Intervention scheme (FFI)
VOSA announce new clamp down on vehicle load security
Confusion exists over what health and safety actually stands for
Working Platforms for forklift trucks
UK accident figures fall again
Olympics inspire hunt for olympic forklift truck
Road transport industry worst fork lift truck safety
41 fatal accidents at work during 2009/10
Fatal fork lift accidents show a dramatic fall
It ' s a hard disk drive back in 1956 With 5 Mb of storage!
Key annual accident and injury figures 2007/08
Outcry at retreat on corporate manslaughter Fines
Win a trip to New York with Yale Fork Lifts
Now you can get a lot of HSE books free of charge!
A northern town has the most forklift deaths in Britain
Stolen fork lift used to rob ATM machine!
archivednewsitems6 pages
Latest news items relating to forklift trucks and forklift training
Archived forklift news items
FLTA Safetember campaign
Yale forklift runs on hydrogen and solar power
Working Platforms for forklift trucks
trainingcourse3 pages
Free forklift training courses on this website
You can purchase this entire set of training slides here
Working platforms on forklift trucks
cbtheory95 pages
Forklift training course. Theory and practical lessons
Introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act
Forklift truck longitudinal stability
Capacity plates. Stacking height considerations
Forklift operator's safety code
Lorry loading. Chock wheels if possible
Accreditation of forklift operator training
Undercutting the load with forklift truck
Definition of Reasonable and Practicable
Centre of gravity position for counterbalanced forklift
Forklift truck analogy with a motor vehicle
Mounting the forklift truck
Precautions when loading/unloading lorries
Maintain correct fork spacing for load
National Operator Registration Scheme
Fork lift truck load centre calculation
Health and Safety Act - Training
Forklift truck stability triangle and centre of gravity
Capacity plate. Rated truck capacity
Wear seatbelts unless exemption applies
Lorry loading accident with forklift truck - Telford
Maintain correct travel position
NORS - the paperwork for forklift truck operators
Effects of rear tilt on lateral forklift stability
Stillage accident. No undercutting
Employee's duties - Health and Safety
Raised centre of gravity on forklift truck
Forklift truck centre of gravity moving sideways
Graph type capacity plate
Limbs should be kept inside the forklift truck
Load HGVs from alternate sides if possible
Don't carry unstable loads
Centre of gravity moves towards the rear
Stillage accident - the consequences
Introduction to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
Forklift stability triangle. Centre of gravity
Forklift accident involving loss of fingers
Place first load close to lorry headboard
Don't use damaged pallets
Sideways moving centre of gravity
Effects of forward tilt on forklift truck
Explanation of PUWER. Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
Forklift centre of gravity moves forward
Keep head inside forklift truck
Fatal accident - Liverpool
Collapsed stack due to pallet damage
Turning a forklift truck at speed
Effects of incorrect load shape on forklift
Identification of major forklift truck components
Centre of gravity moves forward too much
Unladen travel position
Apply parking brake/neutral when leaving truck
Falling stack of pallets damages car
Heinrich's domino theory of accident prevention
Emergency braking
Causes of forklift truck longitudinal instability
Don't let forks rub on the floor
Parking. Tilt forks forward and lower
Forklift operators should maintain good housekeeping
Heinrich's domino theory - step one
Using forklift trucks on slopes
Forklift truck see saw analogy - in balance
Switch off and remove key
Travel in reverse if your load obscures your view
Heinrich's domino theory - step two
Exception to gradient rules
See see saw analogy - unbalanced
Don't carry passengers on a forklift truck
Heinrich's domino theory - step three
poor visibility on slopes
See saw analogy - positional
Do not add additional weight to the forklift truck
Fatal accident due to forklift truck overturning
Cause of longitudinal instability summary
See saw Centre of gravity too far forward
Don't pick up people on pallets and the like
Recommended procedure in case of truck overturn
Use a working platform - emergencies only!
Dangers of drains and potholes
Watch out for overhead obstructions
Dangers of floor obstructions
Watch out at blind corners. Use horn to warn of approach
Dangers of loose debris
Watch out for pedestrians. Stop if necessary
Dangers of turning with a raised load
Keep three truck lengths behind other vehicles
Edges of slopes or loading bays dangers
Offset loads, forks and sideshift
Handling live loads with a forklift truck
Crossing sunken railway lines and similar objects
Summary of causes of forklift truck lateral stability
practical40 pages
Reach truck stacking sequence
Practical training section for novice forklift operators
Specific Job Training for forklift operators
Familiarisation Training for forklift operators
Introduction to forklift driving controls
Figure of eight in an open space
Steering around a cone or drum
Introduction to the hydraulic controls
Stacking and de-stacking at different levels
Secure the truck whilst stacking/de- stacking
Bring the mast/forks to the level position
Starting and stopping and straight line driving
Steering around drum. Add obstruction to one side only
Stacking with a forklift truck - step 1
Reduce rear tilt to minimum
Lift the load to the correct height
Steering around a drum with second obstruction
Raise the load to the correct stacking height
Drive the forklift forwards towards the stack
Basic steering around a drum with third obstruction
Drive forwards over the stack
Reach the mast out to position load
Practice steering forwards, laden
Tilt mast forward to the vertical position
Lower the load into position
Practice steering in reverse laden
Lower the load onto the stack
Retract the mast fully back
Figure of eight, unladen
Prior to reversing from the stacking position
Reverse away from the stack
Figure of eight carrying a load
Practical training section for forklift operators
Lower forks to the traveling position
Tight 90 degree turn into aisleway unladen
Engage the forks in the travel position
Practical forklift test - counterbalanced and reach trucks
Tight 90 degree turn into aisleway- laden
Negotiating a chicane - unladen
Negotiating a chicane - laden
sideloader21 pages
Complete Sideloader training course
Sideloader basic steering and controls
Sideloader safe stacking sequence
Sideloader practical operator's test
Sideloader steering and basic manoeuvring
Stacking with a sideloader - steps 1 and 2
Sideloader practical test - step 1
Sideloader steering reverse around corner
Stacking wit a sideloader - steps 3 and 4
Sideloader practical test - step 2
Sideloader manoeuvring close to stacking position
Stacking with a sideloader - steps 7 and 8
Stacking with a sideloader - steps 5 and 6
Sideloader practical test - step 3
De-stacking with a sideloader steps 1 and 2
Sideloader practical test step 4
De-stacking with a sideloader - steps 3 and 4
De-stacking with a sideloader - steps 5 aand 6
De-stacking with a sideloader - steps 7 and 8
Retract mast on sideloader before moving
Rules for operating with stabilising jacks
pallet-trucks27 pages
Health and safety legislation. Employer's duties
Complete training course for operators of pallet trucks.
Employees duties under health and safety legislation
Pre shift checks and battery charging of pallet trucks
Check the battery and top up wearing appropriate PPE
Check for debris, shrink wrapping etc around pallet fingers and wheels
Check that pallet fingers raise and lower fully
Check brakes and emergency brake
Check horn and any instruments fitted
Basic steering exercise. Steering around a drum or cone.
Basic steering exercise. Steering around two drums
Basic steering exercise. Steering around two drums, Laden
Turning into position prior to entering load
Driving into the load. Precautions involved
Further precautions when entering pallet
The operator should walk in confined spaces
Ride on the truck when operating in an open space
The operator should walk on the outside of the truck
Keep on the outside of the turn where possible
Have the load leading when negotiating inclines
Unladen trucks should have fingers pointing down slope
Using pallet trucks on loading bays.
Practical operating test for pallet truck operators
Practical test for pallet truck operators step two
Practical test for pallet truck operators step three
Practical test for pallet truck operators step four
Practical test for pallet truck operators step five
tmh-training19 pages
Telescopic Materials Handler training course
Introduction to the telehandler driving controls
Steering the telehandler in two wheel steer mode
Lower the load onto the stack
Steering the telehandler in four wheel mode
Carefully withdraw forks from the load
Steering the telehandler in crab steer mode
Look behind and use mirrors before reversing
Using the telehandler hydraulic controls
Reverse out of stack and engage travel position
Telehandler safety and warning devices
Correct procedure for de-stacking with a telehandler
Isolating the machine during use of hydraulic controls
Practical test for telehandler operators
Correct telehandler stacking sequence
Details of practical test for telehandler operators
Once stopped, reduce tilt to a minimum amount
Carefully raise load to required height
Remove the tilt until the forks are level
instruction2 pages
Course on practical and classroom instructionaltechniques
The qualities needed by a forklift instructor
theory24 pages
Classroom teaching. Preparation of training course
Classroom teaching. The purpose behind it
Gathering the material for the classroom session
Organising the classroom material. Shape and pattern
Using notes and confidence cards
How to arrange your material properly
How to prepare and make confidence cards
Worked example of an instructor's confidence card
Questions and question technique
Adjusting the length of the lesson
A reminder of the salient points of classroom teaching
How to use confidence cards as memory aids
Opening the classroom teaching session
Different types of classroom lesson opening
Rules for closing the classroom session
Types of close. Ways to end the classroom session
The central theme. Getting trainees to listen
Keeping the audience/trainees listening
Choosing the correct visual aids for training
Establishing authority with trainees
The correct use of visual aids in the classroom
Having courtesy for the classroom audience
How to avoid loosing confidence. Classroom session
Addressing the needs of the trainees or audience
practical15 pages
Forklift training. Practical forklift training sessions
Practical forklift training: lesson preparation
Producing effective lesson plans for practical teaching
Lesson plans: Aim/Objective/Introduction
Explanation given by instructor to trainees
Confirmation that main points of lesson are understood
Positioning the trainees prior to the demonstration
The demonstration by the instructor
Trainee practice - first time through
Trainee practice - second and subsequent times
Lesson confirmation after trainee practice
Practical lesson summary
Linking forward to the next lesson
Instructor's responsibility for trainee safety
List of instructor's safety responsibilities
pics1 page
preshift29 pages
Pre shift checks training for forklift operators
Check the fork heels for cracks
Check the fork tips for damage and bending
Check fork retaining pins for operation
Check fork carriage for damage
Check load backrest extension
Examine all visible parts of the lift chains
Check all hydraulic hoses for wear and damage
Examine chain and hose pulleys
Check the mast and rollers
Check wheels and tyres
Check operator seat
Examine seat belt
Check all lighting
Check flashing beacons
Check flashing beacons
Check and test all hydraulic controls
Check service brakes
Check parking brake
Check steering
Check instruments and switches
Check and test horn
Examine overhead canopy guard
Check battery connections
Check electrolyte level
Charging a traction battery
Changing an LP Gas cylinder
Check engine oil
Check the hydraulic oil level
manualhandling1 page
Free manual handling training course. Classroom session
riskassessment1 page
news1 page
downloads1 page
abrasivewheel1 page
buyersguide8 pages
Forklifts for sale. Buyer’s guide. Free advice on forklift selectiom
Matching the forklift truck to the application
Selecting the correct capacity and mast for the application
Choosing the correct motive power for the application
Choosing the correct tyre for the application
Forklift Truck buyer's guide. Pneumatic and supercushion tyres
Making sure the forklift truck will fit the aisleways
Aisleway dimension calculations for reach trucks
downloads54 pages
You can download lots of free forklift information from here
videos8 pages
FLTA Safety Ambassador, Lisa Ramos, on video
five forklift accidents caught on video
Forklift training. a compilation of forklift accidents
how not to unload a forklift from a lorry
watch this stupid forklift operator
forklift operator smashes thousands of bottles
how to smash 1000 bottles with a forklift truck